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  • 501898 お試しパナハ(紙粘土) 3個パック

    【重量】約500g (水分蒸発等、季節により変化することがあります)


    ●Excellent in flexibility, smooth and stretch to 0.1 mm thickness. You can create beautiful drapes and gathers like cloth.
    ●The material is fine and dense, it can be smoothly polished after drying
    ●It will attach well with the hemp strings, bottles, pottery body parts. Able to create delicate objects such as finger, hair and flower.
    ●Excellent in durability. Hard to break after drying. Keep your craft beautiful forever.
    ●Dry clay can be reused by adding water to the clay.
    Keep clay away from the sunlight. After opening, seal in the plastic bag to prevent from the dry. Storing in the environment having drastic changes in temperature will deteriorate quality of product. 



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