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  • 122103 ハンカチドール萌亜セット テキストブック付

    【セット内容】122101 ESニュー萌亜ボディ(胴体・両手・両足)1セット
           999999 ヘアー・ワイヤーセット1セット
           311111 奈稚子のハンカチドール萌亜(書籍)1冊

    【ご注意】参考作品のボディは、【陶磁器人形ベースボディ 724100 ESパティ・ハーフ P 上半身】を使用し焼成しています。

    【Size Body::W3.4cm x D2.7cm x H10.7cm
           Refer to the image for hands and feet.
    【Unit of purchase】 1 set
    【Body】Medium size body
    【Set Contents】 122101 ES New Moea Body (body, hands and feet) 1 set
            999999 Hair and wire set 1 set
            311111 Handkerchief Doll Moa by Nawakiko (book) 1 copy
    This set includes the materials necessary to create Handkerchief Doll Moa and an instructional book.
    *You can choose from 4 hair colors (pink, blue, camel and beige).
    Please prepare materials for the dress (used handkerchiefs, rags, etc.) separately.
    This is an easy doll kit that does not use clay. The kit comes with an instructional book that covers everything from creation to arrangement, so even first-time users can enjoy creating the doll with peace of mind.
    The hair, arms, and leg parts are made-in-place, and the dress is made from recycled handkerchiefs and clothes that are no longer needed.
    Makeup] The gentle face is easy to make up.

    Note: The body of the reference work is fired using [Ceramic Doll Base Body 724100 ES Patty Half P Upper Body].

    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



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    *Japan domestic shipping fees for purchases over ¥10,000 will be free.

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